Try Wrangler Filtered Cigars for Unique Flavor

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mjcigarshoplogSmoking is a very common activity that people have followed for many decades. The most popular mode of smoking is cigarettes. I was a regular cigarette smoker for almost four years. It all started as a prank when I was in high school but I continued smoking after it too. I was doing my graduation away from home so as there was no parental supervision I smoked like a chimney which was hampering my health. I was starting to feel short of breath and low on stamina, so I took it as a sign to quit. A regular smoker cannot just quit in an instant it is just not possible. So the option was to lower the cigar count everyday and then ultimately quit it. It was very hard for me to resist the temptation but I had to do it. My friends were trying to help me through it any way they could. One of my friends suggested me to smoke cigars instead of cigarettes. It was an interesting idea so I decided to give it a shot. I bought a pack of Wrangler Filtered Cigars from the internet to test the theory my friend had suggested.

My friends and I were in my room trying on cigars. I lit my cigar and found a very beautiful taste to it. It was a woody flavor with a hint of menthol which was in perfect balance. The cigar had served as a perfect substitute for cigarettes. They cost even cheaper compared to the money I spent on cigarettes. Saving money, amazing taste and no more health issues what more could I ask for? I was really happy with the solution that I had found. I had perfect control over my smoking addiction. My friends and I decided that we would smoke cigars on the last day of the exams. And it became somewhat of a tradition to smoke cigars after exams. We had already tried Wrangler filtered cigars so I decided to buy a new brand called Bella Filtered Cigars.

All of us gathered in my room to celebrate. We had food drinks and a box full of cigars. It was the perfect setup. I felt very different while smoking cigar, like royalty. This tradition was turning out to be fun and it brought us closer as friends.

I had gained friends for life with this tradition. All of us passed out of college and started to establish our own name in the society, searching for jobs, making money. I thought that this would be the breaking point for all of us. I made sure however, that no matter what and where the tradition that had brought us all together was alive. Every now and then we would meet once a year to celebrate something. We would meet in the bar or my house and light a couple of Cheyenne Filtered Cigars and refresh some of our college memories. If it would not have been for me quitting cigarettes and starting to smoke cigars, our group would have never been formed and I would have never made such wonderful friends.


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