The Benefits of LED Lights

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well-litA lot has been said about the benefits of LED lights especially in regard to saving energy.  They are the smartest solution out there, the cleanest, most energy efficient and the most eco-friendly.  Taking that leap from analogue lighting to digital will bring with many benefits as follows:


·         Energy Efficiency – Compared to halogen bulbs, LED bulbs have an energy efficiency of between 80 and 90 percent.  What this means is that 80 percent of the energy emitted by the bulb is actually converted to light.  20% is then converted into another form or energy for example heat.  With traditional lighting, the opposite is true. 20% is emitted as light while the rest is lost as heat.

·         Long life – This is one of the major benefits of these bulbs.  They have a life span of over 100,000 hours.  This means that you can get 11 years of lighting out of them if you keep the lights on 24 hrs a day.  If you only have them on at night, you will have 22 years of life out of the bulb.  If it was on for 8hrs daily then you could get 20 years of service out of it.

·         Durability – Theses energy saving lightbulbs have been built from very durable components that are sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of rough conditions.  They tend to be resistant to external impact, shock, vibration and the like making them perfect for outdoor lighting.  They do well under all kinds of weather conditions and are perfect for manufacturing and construction sites too.

·         Ecologically friendly – Unlike fluorescent light bulbs that come with chemicals such as mercury which tend to be harmful to the environment, LED lighting is made free of toxic chemicals.  In fact, they are 100 percent recyclable enabling us all to reduce our carbon footprint.  In addition, because they last so long, they are not produced in large quantities which mean savings in materials.  This is a great step towards creating a greener world.

·         No UV Emissions – LED lights have very little UV emissions in the form or infrared light.  This makes them suitable for materials and goods that tend to be sensitive to heat.  They work well when dealing with materials that are sensitive to UV light and can be used in art galleries, museums and archaeological sites.

·         Flexible Design – They come in a variety of shapes and sizes which means that they produce the right illumination.  They come in a variety of colours and can be dimmed if need be.  They give great control of light distribution.  They are excellent for lighting effects and mood illumination.

·         Dispersing light–The great thing about this energy saving light bulbs is that they are able to disperse light in certain directions without having to use an external reflector.  As such, you are able to get your light going in the right direction as needed.

With these excellent benefits, what’s not to like about purchasing LED bulbs for your home, workplace, exterior and other places as well.


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