Simple tricks to take care of your canvas shoes

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dude-springShoes are as important to us as the clothes we wear. You would not be able to walk down the road without a pair of shoes or some protective covering under the feet. Shoes do play a very important role in protecting our feet. Hence, we should be grateful to the shoes as such. However, do all of us give the same kind of respect to our shoes? When we say respect, we mean care. Do we care for our shoes by maintaining them well? Though many of us claim to do so, the truth is that most people do not do so. We shall now see some simple ways by which we can keep our shoes clean to enable the same to last longer. You should note that each kind of shoe, such as the canvas shoes, office wear shoes, etc. require different types of handling.

You can easily wash the canvas shoes in your washing machine. Many people may not be aware of this fact. However, before doing so we should take the following precautions.

Canvas shoes can be muddy. You have to remove the excess dirt before putting them inside your washing machines. The best way is to pat the shoes on the pavement until the excess dirt falls off. Using a clean piece of damp cloth, you should remove as much mud as possible. Remove the insoles and your shoe laces. You can then drop your shoes inside the washing machines on a slow spin circle.

Drying the shoes is also an important aspect. Before drying them, you should take care to stuff the same with white paper, or pieces of cloth. This is to ensure that the shoe retains its elasticity.

These are as far as the canvas sports shoes are concerned. Leather shoes require a different type of handling. The beach shoes are a little different in this regard. We shall now look at some important do’s and don’ts while taking care of the canvas shoes.

Removing the excess dirt from the shoes entails that the water in which you clean the shoes does not become too dirty. In addition, the cakes of mud can clog your washing machine drain pipe and cause problems to the machine as well.

Removing the insole before washing the shoes is essential. Similarly, you should ensure that you remove the laces and wash them separately. In case you keep them on, they can entangle while spinning in the washing machine. This could cause you a great problem disentangling them.

While drying the summer shoes, you should stuff the shoes with old clothes, white paper etc. This is to avoid the formation of rings as the canvas dries out. You should never stuff newspapers or colored papers. The dye from the colored prints can stick to the canvas.

You should never keep the wet canvas shoes to dry near the fireplace or the heater. This excess heat can break down the canvas making the shoe brittle. The canvas can tear off.

Thus, you have seen that taking care of the shoes is very important. This can make the shoes last longer.

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